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TOC Decomposer

Brief introduction

How to decompose TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is critical in ultra pure water making. PEIDE is dedicated to supplying solution and manufacturing equipment to deal with the problem.

The new UV Sterilizer makes use of UV-185nm and UV-254nm light to decompose TOC.


Working principle

The UV-185nm light is the key point. TOC decomposer installed with 185nm bulbs. When ultra pure water is exposed under 185nm light, water reacts with ultra light.

It produces intermediates such as HO-, H, and EAQ due to water molecular homolytic reaction.This intermediates will react with organic matters due to electrophilic ,nucleophilic or electron transfer reaction,which will cause the organic matters degraded and reduce the concentration of TOC.


Why does UV-C 185nm light be used?

In ultra-pure water industry, TOC is required <15ug/L or <3ug/L. As of technology limits, so far the best way is to control at 20-50ug/L if without uv-185 light.

185nm UV light is short wave, but with high energy. Its energy equals to 6.7eV. However, the traditional way uses 254nm uv light. Its energy equals to 4.88eV. Read comparison at below:


 Chemical Bonds

According to above chemical bonds under 185nm,except C=C,C=O,the other chemical bonds energy ,which less than 6.7eV,all be damaged.If under 254nm,the chemical bond energy is 4.88eV,C=C,C=O,C-F,C=N,C=S,N-O all exceed 4.88eV,so cannot be damaged.What’s more,O-H,Si-O energy similar 254nm,which is not easy to be damaged as well.
In summary,most of organics can be damaged under 185nm uv light.Use 185nm UV light to reduce TOC is a good effective way.



A. To decompose TOC in ultra pure water.
B. High efficiency in disinfection
C. Please notice to install mix refined resin bed to make sure no extra TOC. As well, the mix refined resin bed can prevent recovering of chlorine content.
D. How much TOC will be decomposed depends on TOC concentration in water. Standard it reduces TOC into 10ppb.


Structure:  chamber type .

Material: SS304, SS316L



Application: EDI production Line
Client: GE Water Technology (WUXI) Co.Ltd
Advantage: Remove TOC up to 60%, stable operation
Case capacity: 15T/h
Client background: GE is a multiple service supply company, top 500.


Production test

Stainless steel analysis

PEIDE sees quality as the core. Peide spent 200,000RMB to buy the special alloy analysis instrument to make sure material is guaranteed.
Peide always focus on quality, clients.


Welding results






Mechanical Polishing



Electrolysis polishing





Control box



 Water quality analysis



TOC decomposer dispatch















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