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Lifting Device for sewage Wastewater Lifting Station

    Sewage lifting device for sewage is also called wastewater lifting station. It is with the characteristics of solid-liquid separation, backwash, integrated,intelligent.
    Sewage lifting device is facility of drainage,it is widely used in basement,ship,cars,where is far from stack drainage system.This facility is capable of bathroom sewage water collection and treatment. 
    We build bathroom in the basement.In this case, there are two solutions: one is a sump in the basement under the ground, to collect sewage together, then upgrade to the outside row with underground sewage pump wells; Another method is to let the toilet sewage discharged into the outdoor underground artesian wells, pump upgrade sewage manholes into nearby wells with submersible pumps. The first method has two shortcomings: a. there is fecal sewage and other solid substances, long-term clean-up, easy to cause clogging; b. airtight sump bad smell, sanitary condition is bad. Shortcomings for the second method: need to build outdoor pump wells, deeper depth, larger investment, the management is not easy. In addition, the building will encounter bathroom set upper and lower dislocation, so the bathroom is far away from standpipe drain, but they can not drain standpipe case suspended under the floor, this time commonly used method is thicker floor mat, will drain branch pipe buried in the cushion to a certain slope into the drain standpipe. This cushion thicker, sometimes up to 350-400mm, for toilet use.
    Under the premise of increasing scarcity of urban land, the underground part of the building utilization in life and business activities is increasing. Original underground sewage storage and disposal facilities not only outdated technology, high failure rate, maintenance difficulties, and in periodic clean-up, dirt and sewage smell emanating serious pollution of the surrounding environment, while precipitates produced poisonous gases damage caused by maintenance personnel have also occurred. Therefore, existing facilities can not meet the modern life and business activities plus environmental requirements. 
    Therefore, the sewage lifting unit would thus produced. Sewage lifting unit is "underground sewage discharge device," "split debris separator device" and other technology and PLC control "successful crystallization supporting its application, completely solve the long-standing underground sewage storage building, promotion and discharge process extremely environmentally friendly is a major problem.

1. Sewage lifting device can lift and transport below the sewer or municipal waste water pipe network.
2. Resolve, to avoid the traditional problems of the sump. 

1. Easy to install
Sewage lifting device installation requires only simple docking device inlet, outlet, power can be stabilized, very easy to install.
2. Prevent burnout from overheat
The sewage pump equipped with the vortex impeller without clogging for pump mud; Equipped with vent bolt on the flow route of volute casing is to prevent air lock ensuring the pump operation steady.
3. Tank debris without precipitation
When the pump starts, the solid-liquid separation device is automatically routed to the outdoor septic tank debris; at the same time,with a high pressure water began to wash the bottom of the tank, so it stir some fine silt and sewage water uniform, was promoted to the outdoors with the water pipe network, without manual clean-up.
4. Avoid the smell of overflowing
We all have the experience of not able to wash without water bathroom : When so the next day then rinse, find the bathroom smell very heavy. The reason is fermented feces. Therefore, the water tank is not too large, and then gauge the precise level control through the sewage, dirt timely discharge, avoid prolonged stay fermentation odor. Coupled with the sealing pad and ventilation measures to make the device work absolutely no smell.
5. Reasonable control device works
Pump stops when the water level reaches a high level when the pump starts drainage, reaching a low level; when the water level reaches the next starting level, the other pump starts drainage. Two pumps alternately switching each other back, safe and reliable, two pumps when the water level is too high and start draining the tank to ensure water does not diffuse out.

Working Principle 
After waste water by sewage lifting unit gravity inlet into the collecting tank, collecting tank reaches the start level, the pump starts automatically upgrade wastewater discharged into the municipal pipe network.


1. Sewage collecting tank is made of stainless steel, corrosion durability, beautiful appearance.
2. All-closed water tank, roof can be opened, no odor, sewage overflows and odor.
3. Sewage pump sewage lifting unit using the brand sewage submersible pumps, reliable performance and long service life.
4. The use of solid-liquid separation, the debris blocking at the net, sewage into the tank, the debris does not contact the pump impeller, the discharge of debris together to start discharging sewage pump sewage.
5. Automatic control, when the cabinets level is high, the float level switch signals, sewage pumps and drainage work, until reduced to a low level; if the water flow is big, a single pump is not good enough, it will start the other pump, two pumps simultaneously drainage. Work usually is a sewage pump (2 sewage pumps alternate work).

Outline Drawing

Flow rate:5~150m³/h
Total head:7--30m
Inlet/outlet diameter: DN50~150mm 
Ambient temperature:0~40℃
Power supply:380V±10% or 220V±10%
Relative Humidity:≤90%(20℃)



1. SS304 collection tank
Material:SS 304, there is an exhaust pipe connected to the outdoors or in connection with the building ventilation system of drainage; drainage at the bottom of the tank, stainless steel ball valve control, on the top side of the opening by three pumps, the cable outlet hole gauge, and is equipped with a hole for easy stringing line card, the box can withstand the pressure generated by the corresponding sewage treatment capacity, corrosion-resistant.


2.Lift pump
Famous brand submersible pump,with vortex impeller,reliable,longer lifetime,no noise,low temperature


3.Solid-liquid separator
Material:SS304.Built-in blocking screen, when the solid debris containing waste water throw into the equipment, after the solid-liquid separator, the solid debris of diameter greater than 10mm are separated, they retained in the solid-liquid separator,and sewage water into the water collecting tank. When the water level in the tank reaches the pump start level, the pump starts, with pressure water rinse reflexive mouth into a solid-liquid separator backwash retained within the solid-liquid separator solid debris, it is discharged to the outdoor pipe network upgrade, every backwash can be debris inside the solid-liquid separator to enhance the emission of all, no residue.


4. Valve

Basement toilet, subway toilet,person defends toilet.

Outlet Diagram

Installation Diagram

1. Relationship between solid-liquid separator and tank volume?
Hydraulic model through a very strict test: a solid-liquid separation device impurities remaining to 1/3, the stainless steel rod float feedback signal to the control system, which automatically starts the water pump drainage, solid-liquid separation apparatus in order to protect, It will not clog, avoid artificial clean-up. When the solid-liquid separation device is too large or too small, there will be a solid-liquid separation device clogged toilet can lead to timely launch and diffuse water.
2. The speciality of pump?
Considering the odor problem, so the tank volume were limited. But as we know, all electrical equipment is very afraid of frequent start, when frequent pump starts, pump motor temperature rise too fast, and can not timely heat will cause the motor burned out. Therefore, sewage lifting device equipped with a high insulation level of the pump: high temperature pumps are safe.
3. Double-pump started simultaneously, how the device work?
When a time displacement of very large bathroom, a drainage pump starts not meet demand, the second pump will automatically start drainage, sewage is not timely to avoid leakage. At this time, will enter the tank through the toilet drain safety reflux device, it will not affect the normal use of the bathroom.
4.If the check valve stuck, the device will be flooded?
Inlet check valve occurs in a very small probability card dead can not shut down properly, if at this time the pump starts drainage, sewage will flow back to the tank through a secure reflux device. Sewage continues into the tank, when ultra high level, and the other pump starts drainage. At the same time, an alarm signal.

Model explanation

On the spot & Packing picture

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