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Automatic Back-flushing Filter


Particle contamination in process water accelerates the rate of wear of system components. The particles suspended in the media also have detrimental effects on ends products. In order to protect the operational infrastructure and to guarantee shorter maintenance times, it is essential to have a filtration system to remove solid particles from operating fluids.
The automatic back-flushing filter has been highly useful. Numerous operators of power stations, district heating, sewage treatment plants, and manufacturing plants have relied on this dependable filter for many years.


Operate principle
The fluid to be filtered flows through the filter elements of the back-flushing filter, passing from the inside to the outside. Contamination particles then collect on the inside of the filter elements.
As the level of contamination increases, the differential pressure between the contaminated and clean sides of the filter increases.

1.The gear motor rotates the flushing arm under the filter elements and ensures the contamination is discharged.
2.The contamination is flushed away through the open back-flushing valve.
3.The pressure drop between filtrate side and back-flushing line flushes a small amount of the filtrate back through the contaminated filter elements.
4.The contamination particles collected on the inside of the filter elements are loosened and flushed into the backflushing line via the flushing arm.
5.After the "back-flushing time per element" has expired, the back-flushing valve is closed. In this way, all the filter elements are back-flushed, one after the other.
A back-flushing cycle is terminated once all filter elements have been cleaned.

Automatic back-flushing is triggered:
– When the differential pressure trigger point is exceeded,
– By means of an adjustable timer
– By pressing the TEST button.

Optimum structure and back-flushing design

The special conical shape and configuration of the filter elements allow consistent flow, resulting in a low pressure drop and complete cleaning of the elements.
Very low-maintenance. Its robust design, specially developed for retrofitting, makes installation in both existing and new systems fast and cost-effective.

Pulse-aided back-flushing
On the control types EPT and PT, the flushing arm remains under the filter element for only a few seconds.

Variable filter isometry:
The inlet and outlet flanges as well as the back-flushing line can be configured in different positions. This means that the filter can be integrated easily into any system layout.

Electromechanical design
Simple install. PLC controller and drop pressure test pipes connected already, connect with air source can into use.

Parameter settable
Users can set drop pressure and time on actual usage. 


High processing performance

Flow rate up to 10,000 m3/h

High throughput with compact dimensions

Flow-optimized filter

Maximum utilization of the filter area
Full filtration performance after back-flushing

Isokinetic filtration and back-flushing

No interruption to operation Continuous flow of filtrate even during back-flushing
Consistently high quality Certified to ISO 9001

Unbeatable Δp curve
Optimum element geometry provides

consistent flow without reverse flow
through the filter element

Conical filter elements
Global Presence Worldwide Service

Long service life

Components tried and tested in thousands of applications

Customized adaptation to the particular application Numerous equipment options
Individually adjustable control parameters
Additional dynamic element cleaning
with low loss of flushing fluid
Pulse-aided back-flushing


Excellent price-performance ratio

Extensive standard equipment for real-world applications

Highly reliable
User intervention not required
Low operating costs

Fully automatic operation

Reduced costs due to simple and space-saving installation

Variable housing isometry

Simple installation and commissioning
Safety guaranteed by Pedie function test

Ready-to-operate unit


Low maintenance costs Easy to service

Guaranteed high quality filtrate
Low maintenance

Static seal between contaminated and clean side

Industries and Applications
Power industry

• Conditioning of industrial waterused to cool generators
• Filtration of sealing water to increase the service lifeof the turbine shaft floating ring seals in hydroelectric power stations

Steel industry
• Filtration of process water to protect nozzlesand pumps in high pressure descaling
• Water conditioning for coolingblast furnaces and rolling mills
• Emulsion filtration in hot and cold rolling mills
• Filtration of rolling emulsions

Paper industry
• Protection of all types of nozzles
• on paper machines
• Treatment of fresh water (e.g. river water)to be used for cooling

Automotive industry
• Filtration of coolant lubricants
• Filtration of washing fluids
• Protection of machine tools

• Pre-filtration forballast water conditioning systems

Chemical industry
• Cooling water filtration
• Waste water filtration
• Filtration of chemicals

Oil and gas industry
• Filtration of injection water
• Filtration of cooling water
• Filtration of service water
• Filtration of flushing water (pipeline flushing)
• Filtration solution for the subsea sector

Water / waste water conditioning
• Protective filter before membrane systems
• Conditioning of service water in sewage treatment plants

• Filtration of water for shield spraying
• Filtration of water for coal-cutting machinery
• Treatment of cooling water for mine ventilation

Technical specifications

Maximum operating pressure 6, 10 or 16 bar (size-dependent)

Flow rate


Filtration ratings

25 μm to 3 mm

Operating temperature

90 °C

Media Low viscosity liquid, like:water, suspended liquid ≤60MM2/S
Drop pressure between outlet and drain ≥1.5bar
Power supply Electric or pneumatic

Material of filter housing

Carbon steel (Corrosion protection for carbon steel filter housing) or stainless steel

Material of filter elements Stainless steel 316
Material of internal parts Stainless steel 304

Power supply

Electric or pneumatic:EPT
Electric: EU

Power supply



Motor EU EU

Drain valve



DP gauge EU EU

Position switch



Control box




how to select model

 NO.  Item.







































Inlet/outlet mm

 100 125  200  250 300  350  400  500  600  700  800  900 



Flow rateT/H

 100 100  200 400  500  800  1000  1500 2000 3000  4000  5000 

Liquid speedM/S

 3.54  2.26  1.77 1.7  1.96  2.31 2.21 2.12  1.96  2.17  2.21  2.18 



Motor power: KW

 0.55  0.55 0.55  0.55  0.55  0.75  0.75  0.75  1.1  1.1  1.1  1.1 

Drain drive power: KW

 0.09  0.09 0.09  0.09  0.09  0.09 0.09  0.09  0.037  0.037  0.037  0.037 



Filter degree





 Back flushing time S  0-180
 10  Motor rotating speed R/MIN  0.75


 auto or manual

Filter degree

 um  100  120  150  200  400  800 1500  3000
 Mesh number  150  120  100  80  40  20



 Loss grid


Vertical install, foundation bolts fixed. Filters can’t be seen as pipeline strength support. Pipeline diameter not less than standard drain butterfly valve.
Supply compressed air: make sure air clean, 2bar≤pressure≤8bar, air connection:G1、4” ISO228

Suggest pre-treating equipment before automatic back-flushing filter, aim to avoid impact from particles to filter.

Automatic back-flushing filter Pre-treating
 <500um  3mm
 >500um 10mm


Spare parts

Product detail


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