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Spiral decontamination

Brief introduction
    Spiral decontamination (Cleaner) can purify working system water,Heating and cooling system can run more efficiently, whether depends largely on the operation of the system clean water.Impurity particles present in the system can cause a lot of problems, such as: increased equipment abrasion, often malfunction, etc.Due to the system exists corrosion, abrasion  and reduce the pump efficiency , will result in increased maintenance costs, cause customer dissatisfaction.
    In past people installed sieve or filtration equipment in the system to solve the problem of impurities , such equipment requires regular maintenance, otherwise it will lead to increased pressure loss, and gradually cause clogging. Spiral decontamination (Cleaner) has a unique device capable of removing the smallest particles in the system, the system is completely absent impurities.

Equipment advantages
 The unique structure of the product is similar to spiral off valve,The special design of the spiral coil is located in the central part of the Cleaner, which can produce a still region within the spiral cleaners, the size of all the particles have time to settle to the bottom of the device,collect to the sludge  chamber.
    When particles are separated from the system, the spiral decontamination pressure drop  remains unchanged, thus blocking does not occur,During normal operation, the impurities can be discharged through the discharge valve system. The device comes with a large of impurities room, just  regular sewage.
    Impurities removal when system  run
    System no need maintenance or spare filter, can remove all the impurities; (can replace conventional decontamination)
    Without the bypass valve or isolation valve , the pressure drop is small, does not interfere with the flow of fluid
    Large impurities and small particles can be removed
    Three years warranty
    With a clear distinction between the traditional impurities separation approach: screw decontamination is not  affected by gather dirt, can work continuously. Unlike the common filter, flows through the device, the pressure drop is kept constant. By the Dutch TNO experiments proved that even the smallest particles can be removed, even to say that all particles heavier than water can be removed.

     working principle:Treated water into the spiral decontamination, due to  the cavity  area much larger than  the pipeline flow area, reducing the flow velocity,The solids in water will slowly settling ,the solids which not ot settling  in the chamber spiral network labyrinthine paths keep hitting collision, Slowing down the speed of solid impurities, the settling time becomes long, solid impurities settle to the sewage of cavity chamber bottom,as long as  regularly sewage.
     The air in the water  collision spiral network become air bubbles up to the top of the exhaust chamber, through automatic discharge valve to sewage

Specifications and performance

 Pipe diameter  Flow  Pressure
 DN100  30-60T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN125  60-110T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN150  80-160T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN200  160-300T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN250  300-450T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN300  450-650T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN350  650-900T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN400  900-1200T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN450  1200-1500T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa 
 DN500  1500-2000T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa
 DN600  2000-2300T/H  1.0-2.0Mpa

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