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Remove the manganese sand filter

Remove the manganese sand filter
Detailed introduction

The manganese sand filter also known as remove the manganses filter.It is mainly used to remove the iron manganese ion in the water.Iron and manganese in groundwater in almost at the same time.If the water with iron, affect the taste of water.
Such as papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing,leather delicate production water, will seriously affect the product quality.if long drink water containing high iron manganese content will seriously affect the physical health.

In addition to the method of remove Fe Mn iron
Excessive amounts of iron and manganese under the action of water is generally used in the oxidation of the dissolved state of bivalent iron or bivalent manganese oxide respectively into insoluble ferric iron or quadrivalence mn compounds.Using the adsorption of manganese sand filter manganese iron in addition to the filter can be removed.

Chemical reaction is as follows: 






Oxidation method

1.Jet aeration, commonly used in flow is small, the project of iron manganese content is not high, the advantage is less cost.
2.Nicole, pump and jet principle, mainly by nicole, pump circulation, inhaled air oxidation.
3.Aeration tower, commonly used in large flow, high content of iron and manganese in the project, the fan of oxygen in the tower and water can fully contact, the tower fill polyhedral hollow ball, increasing the specific surface area of water.
4.Blast aeration, generally in large flow, such as tap water, iron and manganese content is high, the cost is high, the running cost is high.


Manganese sand filter production structure
Generally have carbon steel or stainless steel 304, or natural rubber lining anticorrosion coating epoxy resin, water, water distribution system has a hanging basket cloth cloth have dome plate under water, water, stainless steel tubular cloth water flat cloth, cloth type water cap with ABS mushrooms and wire cylinder cloth water, including water and tubular cloth, cloth underwater dome board have a cushion, with great pebbles or composition of quartz sand, this basically is their gap is big, resistance, easy to collect water and backwashing.

Manganese sand filter technology parameters
1.Filtration speed: 6-8 m3 / h
2.Working temperature: room temperature stress at work
3.Backwashing compressed air quantity: 18 to 25 l/m2. S
4.Filter media: 1000-1200mm
5.Backwashing strength: 12 to 15 l/m2. S. Back flush time: 4 to 6 minutes


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