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Medium pressure UV Sterilizer

System advantages
1、Low cost-midium pressure uv technology,with more than 3 log cryptosporidium killing efficiency
2、High efficiency
3、Multi design different model can be choose
4、Clean-no poison by product

5、Safety-power cuts device can ensure safety.

Take 37,850m3/day(10mgd) water supply for example

Sentinel Ozone22℃ Ozone7℃ Membrane
Equipment invest$ 3500001 1550000 3000000 5000000
Operation cost(/gallon) <0.011 0.01-0.04 0.05-0.08 0.3
Bacterial kill effciency(lgo value) >3 2-3 2-3 >3
Secondary treat requirement No Less Less Less
Changable Good Bad Bad Bad
Byproduct No Bromate,AOC Bromate,AOC No
Land area Small Big Big Big
Repair Less Seldom normal Seldom normal Seldom normal
Environment risk Low Midium Midium Low


Design feature
1、Power of medium uv lamp is 20-200times of low pressure uv lamp
2、Automatic clean system for quartz tube,no need manual,no need chemical material
3、Easy install
4、Automatic operation and control system,with safety alarm

5、Flexible design,small land area,module structure,easy to install at pipe
6、High ratio of uv light power/land area

7、High quality ballast,with long lifetime,and stable function

8、Separated ballast and control box,which ensure safety, and easy installation
9、Life time of UV lamp can ensure at least 5000 hours

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