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Basket Filters

Basket filter is mainly composed of pipe,barrel,basket,flange,flange cap,bolts and so.It can remove water solid impurity with big size,which help machines like compressor,pump to run well,and to protect producing safety.


Working principle:

When water or liquid enters into basket through barrel,solid impurity will be stopped at basket.Clean water of liquid will flow out the basket and out from the filter outlet.It’s very easy to clean and maintenance the filter.Open the screw at the pipe bottom,drain out water or liquid,dismantle flange cap to clean,Install well after cleaning.




1、Chemical industry,petrochemical industry:raw material of water,oil,ammonia,hydrocarbon,which with low corrosion
2、Chemical producing process:raw material of caustic sode, sodium carbonate,strong sulphuric acid,carbonic acid,etc
3、Cooling producing material:liquid methane,liquid ammonia,liquid oxygen and all kinds cryogen.
4、Food,pharmaceutical producing material:beer,soft drink,dairy food,sugar,etc.


Technical data:

Model PSN PSG Ambient Temperature CS:-30℃~+350℃
Size DN32~500 GB81~59 Bolt/Nut 20#304 304L 316 316L
PN 0.6~5.0 FF RF
Body A3 304 304L 316 316L H62 Jonit Type Flange ButtWelding Threaded
Pore size 10~300(in) Flanges HG GB SHS HGJ JB ANSI JIS
Diaphragm(P/V) NBR PTFE Metal Gasket Manufacture Inspection GB150-98 HGJ532-91
Element 304 304l 316 316l Coating CS:Paint SS:No Paint


Diameter Specification:dimension
25 180 260 160 Ф76
32 200 270 160 Ф76
40 260 300 170 Ф108
50 260 300 170 Ф108
65 330 360 210 Ф133
80 340 400 250 Ф159
100 400 470 300 Ф219
125 480 550 360 Ф273
150 500 630 420 Ф273
200 560 780 530 Ф325
250 660 930 640 Ф426
300 750 1200 840 Ф478

Attention: Please supply product name, inlet and outlet diameter, pressure level, screen precision, material, flange standard when you book a product.

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