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Room temperature deaerator

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Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

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carbon steel

Detailed Product Description
Room temperature deaerator: automatic deaeration, operation simple, full range, automatic and manual

Filter theory with oxygen at room temperature
Water containing oxygen through a special filter sponge iron, the main component of the filter is a hard, porous internal structure of their great specific surface area, the water of oxygen and iron can occur in order to ensure complete oxidation of dissolved oxygen in waterstable at 0.05mg / L below the reaction is:
2Fe +2 H2O + O2 → 2Fe (OH) 2 2Fe (OH) 2 + H2O +1 / 2O2 → 2Fe (OH) 3 ↓
Reaction product Fe (OH) 3 for the soft floc, when it accumulated to a certain extent, simply wash with a certain intensity of the anti-water to rinse (about 5 minutes), return to the initial oxygen removal capacity.The working principle and the previous cut steel deaerator same principle, but because of sponge iron is used patented technology, special granular material made of porous, its surface area is 5-10 times more common steel cut, thus overcoming the steel choppingoxygen effect is not satisfactory, the need for regular acid activation of the shortcomings such as difficult to use, to a simple, practical, efficient and stable oxygen removal effect.
Sponge iron consumption is very low, according to the different handling of water and water quality is generally 3-6 months to add once.
After deoxygenation of the water increased after a small amount of Fe2 + iron ions (typically 0.2-0.5mg / L), the hot water boiler is still comply with state water quality standards.But for the steam boiler or water Fe2 + has strict requirements for water deoxygenation can be set in the existing iron removal after deaerator device, remove the water deaerator Fe2 +, to ensure the boiler feed water quality. The company has all kinds of ion exchange equipment for the user to choose Iron.

Automatic temperature control of filter type deaerator principle
Automatic deaerator system is mainly controlled by the number of diaphragm (hydraulic or air), JMA more valve controller, composed of oxygen removal tank. Control procedures were based on pre-set diaphragm to the various hydraulic control an order to complete the breaking of various pathways to achieve the run, anti-washing, washing each process is.
JMA control over the implementation of the controller by a signal splitter valve and a time controller was fixed on the waterproof controller enclosure. Signal splitter is a rotary pilot valves, liquid or gas sources to guide switching devices each diaphragm switch, thus completing the system of automatic control equipment. Signal distributor spool of strong decay, self-lubricating materials, has long service life without maintenance.
Implementation of the operation of the valves used at home and abroad have used very sophisticated hydraulic or pneumatic diaphragm valve, this valve easy to install, easy to maintain, non-professionals to complete the inspection, maintenance, replacement and other operations.

(A) Can be achieved at room temperature, oxygen removal, water without heating. Overcome the thermal oxygen, vacuum oxygen removal energy of the shortcomings to be heated;
(B) Of the oxygen removal effect of stable and reliable, the stability of dissolved oxygen in water ≤ 0.05mg / L, to meet the low pressure boiler water quality standard;
(C) Of the full range of equipment, control options can be customized fully automatic or manual control;
(D) No special installation requirements, overcomes the heat, high vacuum deaerator must install the inconvenience;
(E) System was simple, compact, small footprint;
(F) For single-tank automatic deaeration, Separators do not install anti-wash pumps, simple system.

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