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Teflon protect static electricity water treatment equipment

Place of Origin

Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

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Product brief description and advantages
Teflon protect static electricity water treatment equipment
1.Inhibit, remove scale, descaling
2.Kill bacteria alage
3.Inhibit corrosion

Working principle:
1. Inhibit scale: static electricity water treatment equipment change the water molecules through more than DC7500V high pressure electrostatic field. Water dipole will surround the positive and negative ion. So the positive and negative ion can not move and put in positive and negative order in catenulate type. Positive ion can not tend to pipe surface, which, inhibit caluium and magnesium to scale on the surface of pipe. Then it does the effect of inhibiting the scale.
2. Remove scale: Static electricity can destroy electric binding force which is among scale ion. It change the structure of crystal and promote hard scale loose. What’s more, it can improve the distance between dipole and enhance the hydration capacity of connecting with salt ion to increase the dissolve rate. So the scale will corrode and be off from the surface of pipe.
3. Descaling: rust scale is one kind of water scale. It can clean the rust scale if it can clean water scale.
4. Kill bacterial and algae:static electricity can generate the active oxygen "O2-, OH, H2O2" which can destroy the ion channel of Biological and change the living environment of bacterial and algae.
5. Inhibit corrosion: Active oxygen can generate Micro-membrane on the surface of metal surface.

static electricity characteristic
1. High voltage
Voltage output more than 7500V, the highest value can reach to 15000V.
2. Teflon protect device.
A. static electricity has teflon protect which can withstand 20000V. Insulation and safety performance is good
B. Teflon can prevent edema and impurities absorbing on the probe. The probe can play good effect lasting and is easy to clean.
3. Conicity thread connect and simple installation
It’s convenient and low cost in conicity thread connect compared with flange.
4. Import cable can withstand -40C.
It can connect and seal well to protect high pressure generator avoid moisture and corrosion gas corroded.
5. Safe: Although the static electricity voltage is high, the current is less than 1mA with no dielectric effect.
6. Life long: static electricity use the high quality component. So the using life can reach to 10-15 years
7. No chemical effect to water:static electricity just effect water physical not chemical characteristic.

Technical parameters
Probe length: 550mm
Probe diameter: 28mm
Output voltage: ≥ DC7500V
Power: ≤ 10W
Tube length: 2.8m
Operating Temperature: 1°C -90°C
Appropriate water temperature: 1°C -90 °C
High-voltage electrostatic generator: 16cm × 16cm × 9cm
Working pressure: ≤ 16 bar
Tapered pipe thread: 40mmG
Connecting thread diameter: 60mm
Teflon thickness: 70 um
Adapting to water quality: total hardness ≤ 1000mg / L (CaCO3)
Input voltage: AC110V-220V ± 100‰, 50Hz
Life: 10 to 15 years





Appropriate diameter


PDL 100-16




PDL 125-16



PDL 150-16



PDL 200-16




PDL 250-16



PDL 500-16


Above 250mm

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