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Electric scale-borer

Place of Origin

Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Brand Name


Model Number



Carbon Steel

Product brief description and advantages
Electric scale-borer: Descaling, scale,biocide,rust corrosion.

1.Advanced technology: resonance field of electronic water treatment technology that is high- frequency electromagnetic field treatment technique, pioneered on behalf of the new trend of electronic water treatment technology
2.Adaptability: able to adapt to different water quality, water quality and meet the maximum hardness of up to 700mg / L (in CaCO3);
3.Machine with shielding technology can improve the efficiency of more than 30%;
4.Pingtung output using electrodes directly into the interior, reducing power loss and to maintain a more convenient;
5.Electrode materials with special alloy materials, life expectancy of 20 years;
6.Transformer uses the most advanced special present R-transformer with magnetic interference is small, no-load current is very low, to adapt to temperature, humidity capabilities are much better than ordinary transformers, the key element during the 100% import;
7.Indicator electrode design according to the release of energy sufficient to meet the design standards if the lights on and off;
8.Installation of an outfall sewage problems to resolve user;

The product has two unique technical features, not yet reported in the literature:
Changes in water quality using high-frequency electromagnetic fields to achieve disinfection of Anti-fouling technology;
Automatically adjust output according to different water quality high-frequency power of technology.

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